How Virtual Skincare Consultation Works

Below is the 5-step process for our online skincare consultation:

Step:1 We’ll discuss your top skin concerns and goals

We will begin by going over a skin assessment and talk through your current skincare routine and goals.

Step 2: A quick skin analysis

Dr. Ashley Morgan will evaluate the current state of your skin and what it needs during this virtual consultation via Zoom – to the best they’re able. The questions you completed when you booked will also be helpful.

Step 3: Review of your current products

If you have your current skincare products available we’ll provide an evaluation of your skincare regimen (if we’re familiar with the products) and make suggestions on what you should keep, add, or drop.

Step 4: Your customized Skincare Routine

Dr. Ashley Morgan and you will create an at-home skincare routine tailored to your needs. Your customized routine will come with helpful guidance.

Step 5: Follow up

After your consultation Dr. Ashley Morgan will email you a quick summary. And if you want to schedule a follow up consultation you can.